Random Poem ~ A Gift

I haven’t written a blog in almost half a year. Here is a poem I would love to share, just random thoughts.


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Many of us do not like to think of the word and what it brings; however, we must accept that it is part of the life cycle. We were not created to live forever; but to embrace the life we were given and to conduct good deeds on this earth while we are here. We are to empower others and bring hope to many. During your course on this earth you are to pass on your knowledge, be the Giver. Be that mentor and teach others what you have learned in life from different obstacles that were overcome. What have you done on this earth so far that will impact others. It can be small or it can be big. If you have influenced anyone in a positive manner guess what, you are on the right track. When someone close to us passes away it is a natural instinct to mourn and be sad; however, you must remember that our time on this planet is limited and these bodies are borrowed. Our soul is who we truly are, keep your soul positive and make the most out of your life in your borrowed body. The borrowed body that is being laid in the ground should be looked at as a celebration and not a mourning period. You are celebrating the homecoming of the person who passed. Again, earth is a temporary home for our temporary bodies; neither is permanent. While we are on this earth, we must take advantage of the TIME we are given and learn NOT to take it for granted for time you CANNOT get back. Don’t waste your time on meaningless, self-destructive activities, but spend your time learning, growing, developing, and teaching positive characteristics. Not to sound like an after school special, but treat others how you would want to be treated. If you want respect, treat others w/respect; you want others to be kind and genuine, be kind and genuine to them. The energy you emit in the world is the energy you receive – positive = positive; negative = negative. Cherish every moment you have on this planet and use your time wisely, for tomorrow, the next hour, minute, or second is not promised. No one knows when his or her time will expire. Be that positive impact in others lives before your time expires and your soul is released amongst the clouds.

Be Proactive. Be Positive. Be Prepared.


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My Journey…

“The only journey is the one within.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke

Since March I have been on a weight loss journey and decided to go on a raw diet for the month of August. I followed a raw diet for two weeks; however, my intentions were to stick to the raw diet for the entire month. I failed to include a few nutrients and fell a bit ill towards the end; but I still completed two full weeks, which is an accomplishment. Before I went raw, my diet was not so great. I would usually eat once a day; on a good day it was twice, lol. The 1-2 meals I usually ate were fast food, some type of junk food, or carbs on top of carbs on top of carbs type meals about 80% of the time. My eating habits sucked, BIG TIME! Who knew I would be able to convert to a raw diet cold turkey. I tell people, if I can do it, so can you. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. I sought my Higher Being for guidance everyday and made it through. During my raw journey I gained a generous amount of knowledge, motivated others, and created a healthier, leaner me.

I started out juicing fruits and vegetables. I didn’t follow any particular recipes; I just juiced what I felt could be combined and still have an appeasing taste. I did consider the nutritional properties during the decision process. I enjoyed juicing, you feel so refreshed and alive. I noticed a difference in how I felt physically between juicing and eating processed foods. I slept better, I am usually in vampire mode, and not to forget I’m getting my 8+++ servings of fruits and vegetables. 😀 While juicing was great and everything, eventually I knew I would get tired of drinking juice everyday. I started looking up recipes for other meals or items I could create. This led to my dehydrator purchase. I love my dehydrator. I’ve been able to create little snacks I could enjoy on my raw journey. I dehydrated the pulp from juicing (high in fiber) “pulp patties”, created almond pulp “cookies”, kale chips, and amongst a few other items. I found a “burrito” wrap recipe, which was delicious by the way, created homemade almond milk, homemade chocolate, almond chocolate, and just played around with other recipes I randomly found on Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites. I enjoyed venturing out and stepping out of my comfort zone when it came to trying different items – even mushrooms 😐

beet it photoFamily, friends, and people at work have approached me and let me know I motivated them to eat healthier and get a little exercise in. Hearing this from others placed me in good spirits. I started the journey to work on myself; I had no intentions of anyone following me. They let me know what they were eating and what they have started eating. Some have started juicing or creating fruit/veggie smoothies. This is amazing and awesome. To know that I influenced a group of individuals to take control of their health is such an honor and incredible feeling. It is a big step, especially if you eat as bad as I once did. I congratulate them all and let them know to take it one day at a time. Don’t force yourself, but be willing to accept the change, and seek your Higher Being for strength and guidance.

During the two-week raw diet I lost 8 lbs. however, my journey to date I have lost a total of 36 lbs. I feel leaner and lighter and I love how my jeans fit loosely when they were once too small. I have two pair of jeans that were too small when I purchased them. One pair I could barely pull up and they use to fit very snug and the other pair I busted the button off and had to replace it. Now both of these jeans fall off of me and I must now part with them…what a splendid feeling. I’ve become more knowledgeable of the different fruit and vegetable properties and that eating raw vegetables is healthy then cooked or steamed. Once heat is applied to vegetables, they start losing their nutrient properties. Knowing the difference in how my body feels when I consumed processed foods vs. raw foods has enlightened me and I am making myself more aware of what I put into my body.

Going raw is one of the best things I could have ever done. It made me disciplined. Trust, it was very tempting to slip and sneak a bite; but I didn’t. I remained strong and kept my will power. I have decided to incorporate raw meals into my diet permanently for 75%-80% of the time. I still like my diary products, like cheese and my breads, so I am not going 100%. At least not yet…who knows what the future may hold.

I encourage everyone to take a journey. Not necessarily a raw diet or any type of diet; but something that affects your life in a positive manner…there are endless possibilities. Overcome and beat a fear you may have. What will your journey be?

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We get so wrapped up in worrying that we do not take the time to actually live. Worrying will get you nowhere; it will not improve the situation. Why worry? What are you gaining and achieving?
Don’t worry, I’ll wait….

Exactly, nothing positive is being accomplished; however, you may have succeeded at elevating your stress levels. Kudos to you…NOT!

Step back and take a deep breath. Don’t let stress take over your life…STRESS is the SILENT KILLER. Stress causes chemical reactions in your body and cell transformations; regular healthy cells are now irregular malignant cells. We do not realize it until it is too late. Understand that life was not meant to be a piece of cake. If that were the case we would live in a perfect world. It is up to you to not let external factors influence your well-being, mind, or attitude. Keep your FAITH and everything will work out just the way HE planned. Do not lose sight of your Higher Being for HE will guide you and will carry your burdens. When you do not BELIEVE is when you do not receive. And by believing, I mean not having a single doubt in your mind that whatever you are experiencing at the time will be taken care of by HIM. You must believe in what you must accomplish. If you do not BELIEVE, why should HE? Put your trust and faith in HIM and HE will take care of your worries. Stop stressing over life’s little blocks and follow your heart. Any decision made could result in endless possibilities and life is too short to STRESS over nothing. Get out and live! When was the last time you took a stroll in your neighborhood or went to a nearby park or lake and took in the atmosphere? Did something for an adrenaline rush like bungee jumping or zip lining? Or just had a relaxing picnic in the park? If you don’t have anyone to join you, go by yourself. In order to truly know yourself, you should spend time alone. To be alive does not mean you are living.
Now GET OUT and LIVE!!!


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Joy Stealer

Don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy!

Everything is going great, you’re having an awesome week, plans are set, and you got this. But wait…what was that? Yep, it’s happening…

negative thoughtsA negative thought has surfaced. Doubts are starting to take over your mind.

Just as you were on your way to higher hopes and building yourself up; negative energy surfaced and tried to steal your joy. That’s what negative energy does best, there’s nothing happy about negativity. Negativity is miserable and wants you to feel the same way. As the old saying holds true “misery loves company”. You must look at the root cause. What is causing you to feel the negativity, what influenced the thought(s)…whatever negative factor ignited the thought(s) must be removed from your lifestyle immediately. Negative factors only hinder you from growing. We tend to let the negative energy take over when things are not going as planned, when we hit life’s road blocks, or perhaps you have always thought negatively. Sometimes negative thinking stems from childhood. Things may have taken place in our life that has molded us into the person we have become today; however, sometimes the person who we are today is not who we truly are. We have been coached and influenced by outside factors. It is up to you as an individual to change your frame of mind and to start letting go of those past outside negative factors in order to grow and blossom into your true self. This is not an overnight process; changing your frame of mind is a progression. Everyday steps should be taken to improve your being and your mind.

Out with the negativity and in with the positivity.

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Reflect, Learn, Grow, and Develop…

All it takes is for that one event to transpire…that is all it takes. That one event can alter your whole life. You think you have life mapped out and things are going according to plan. But then it hits…

The mapped out life is no longer traveling the path you plotted. Those things that were once going according to plan decided to take a few detours. You feel like your whole world has crumbled right in front of you and you do not know where to go from this point. We have to remember that things happen for a reason. Quite often, that reason is not understood; however, it is up to the individual to reflect on the event, learn, grow, and develop. Some life events’ take more time than others to go through the “life development process” as I like to call it (reflect, learn, grow, develop). However, with time comes healing, with time comes learning, with time you grow, and as we all know – with time, you develop. During the “life development process” you will become doubtful and negative thoughts will try to consume your mind, but it’s up to you to not let that happen. Reflect on the positivity in the situation. With every storm there are clear skies ahead. Emitting positive energy will yield positive energy, you attract what you emit. A wise person once told me that you should always have a Plan B and Plan C just in case Plan A does not follow through. When the storm arrives, we must be prepared and ready to take it on. You cannot let the storm overtake you.

No matter what you are going through, it shall pass. You must remain strong and not let the battle bring you down. For you are much stronger and wiser than the battle. Never lose your faith and you will overcome anything you put your heart into.

life development

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Challenges…Your Favorite Thing in Life

7-19-2013 8-47-06 PM

Challenges…oh challenges. You see, challenges come in many fashions, shapes, and forms. Without challenges in life we would not have developed into the person we have currently become. Challenges mold you…whether positive (promotion, addition to family, purchasing home, or furthering your education – they all require additional responsibilities) or negative (job loss, death of someone close, break-up, or eviction – they all require you to adapt). In the adaption process you are building skills – skills to get you to the next level and overcoming that challenge. These skills can range from life, physical activity, or any other skill set you learn as a result of that challenge you are facing. There are many of us that are guilty of letting challenges get the best of us and eat us down. We have to be strong as a person and pull the positivity out of EVERY situation. As long as you emit positivity, you will yield positivity.

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